NAME OF ORGANISATION:   Aid Children with Disability Association (ACDA)  
  NAME OF HEAD:   Mr. Somphet AKHAVONG (President)  

1). Mr. Somphet AKHAVONG (President), M: (+856)-(020) 5561 0381
2). Ms. Manith PHILAVANH (Vice president/Finance Unit), M: (+856)-(020) 2254 6737,

Addr. Room No. 14, 34/377 Ban Naxay, Saphangmor Road, Xaysetha District, Vientiane Capital,
Lao PDR.
T: (+856)-(030) 987 8649, E:, W:


ACDA is a self-help organisation for children with disabilities. It is a Lao organisation that advocates for the rights of children with disabilities and provides services to members based on their needs. ACDA is registered under the Ministry of the Interior. In 2009 the Government of Laos officially created the status of “Lao Non Profit Association”; ACDA is one of the few registered Lao NPA.
In the Lao PDR, Lao children with disabilities experience difficulty accessing basic rights and services in society due to socio-economic barriers in their families and the lack of the equal opportunity to rehabilitation and development like all most children. As a part of ACDA’s mission to reduce this risk, the organization strongly believes in providing “Equal Opportunity for All Children with Disabilities.”
ACDA has 6 branches plus a head office in Vientiane Capital. It represents over 1,000 children with disabilities (who are members of the Association); and is organized through 10 self-help groups (cells) led by ‘Cell Secretaries’, most of whom are people with disabilities themselves. The self-help groups are coordinated by Provincial Branch Secretaries in each of the 6 provinces: Vientiane Capital, Vientiane province, Oudomxay, Xiengkhouang, Savannakhet and Champasak province.
With experience in educating public officials and children with disabilities at the provincial, as well as central level, the ACDA has a key role in promoting participation and rights of children with disabilities in Laos.
Some of ACDA’s core activities include advocacy and policy development, networking, and outreach to members through brochures and training (to government officials, people with disabilities and other professionals on disability rights and inclusiveness). The ACDA had recent success in working with the Government of Laos to improve child protection.


ACDA wants to contribute to a society where children with disabilities are empowered and can live in society without abandon and discrimination. ACDA wants to achieve that children with disabilities can learn along with non-children with disabilities in inclusive education school, training vocational to reduce poverty and benefit of opportunities for development.“Equality of Opportunity for All Children with Disabilities”.


To achieve the mission, ACDA will work together closely with its members and other actors in Lao PDR and the Greater ASEAN Sub region and INGOs for more joint action, information, knowledge and expertise on children mainstreaming and children with disabilities based discrimination.

To improve children with disabilities equity and children with disabilities empowerment, as well as reduced discrimination against children with disabilities in Lao PDR.

1. The capacity building and the strength to ACDA;
2. The increase the member of ACDA especially (the parents of children with disabilities, children with disabilities, persons with disabilities, non-persons with disabilities), and to find the problem and the needs of Lao children with disabilities who live in the local area of Lao PDR;
3. The promoting the basic rights of children with disabilities to access basic education and handover the education kits who live with their families has lower socio-economic, vocational training and employment in the future;
4. The promoting the basic right of children with disabilities to access community basic rehabilitation (CBR) and access basic rights equipment aid;
5. The information to the parents of children with disabilities and Lao people in the society about the rehabilitation and development Lao children with disabilities via social media of Lao government (newspaper, magazine, national radio station, national television station), especially (brochure, poster, newsletter, documentary and “radio listening club”);
6. The building education-vocational center for Lao children with disabilities.


1). To create opportunities for Lao Children with Disabilities to enhance equality the Human Rights to access the basic rights and basic service in Lao society;
2). To upgrade the ACDAs’ staff capacities in order to enable implementation of efficient development projects in our target communities of Lao PDR.


1) Lao children with disabilities; 2) The parents of children with disabilities; 3) The students and the teachers in the inclusive education schools; and 4) Lao people in Lao society.