NAME OF ORGANISATION:   Association for Development of Women and Legal Education (ADWLE)  
  NAME OF HEAD:   Ms. Inthana BOUPHASAVANH (Director)  
  NAME OF CONTACT PERSON:   1). Ms. Inthana BOUPHASAVANH (Director), M: (+856)-(020) 5562 8773, E:
2). Mr. Phayao PHIMMASONE (Facilitator), M: (+856)-(020) 7771 6475, E:
  CONTACT ADDRESS:   Addr.: Room no. 4, 34/377 Ban Naxay, Saphungmor Road, Xaysettha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.
T/F: (+856)-(021) 262 347, E:

The CEDAW Resource Pool is an informal group made up of 15 individuals and staff of non-governmental organisations. This group has been meeting for nearly three years. In their strategizing sessions, it becomes apparent that there are few independent organisations, focusing on women’s issues from rights-based perspective. Subsequently, members of the CEDAW Resource Pool felt a sense of urgency to create a non-profit association (NPA) dedicated to promoting and protecting women’s rights. This new effort, take a rights-based approach to advocating for women’s concerns. Led and facilitated by activists and feminists who have many years of demonstrated expertise and knowledge about women’s issues made this a pioneering step.


WRSA is one association that raises awareness of women and men knowing about gender, CEDAW, law for development and protection of women and other concerned law. It becomes a place to assist vulnerable women who face domestic violence and other violence in the society. Be able to access to the judicial system to protect their rights; likewise, strengthen the capacity of the young lawyers in the study of other laws for protecting women.


WRSA’s mission is to increase the capacity of our members and partners (individuals and organisations) to integrate women’s rights awareness into their lives and organizational mission. Also, WRSA wants to empower women to be confident in exercising their rights through accessing the judicial system.

WRSA members, staff, teachers, students and villagers are active advocates of positive change in acceptance of women’s expanded role in society and women exercise their rights and enjoy their.

1). Do campaign during celebrating VAW’s day;
2). Do campaign during international women’s day every year;
3). Training on gender, CEDAW some domestic laws and gender mainstreaming to teachers at Faculty of Law;
4). Training on gender, CEDAW some domestic laws to Lao Bar Association;
5). Training on gender, CEDAW some domestic laws and TOT to gender volunteers;
6). Training on gender, CEDAW some domestic laws to village committees at target villages;
7). Training on gender, CEDAW some domestic laws to first year students;
8). Conducting small study on women status at target villages.


1). Increased cooperation, learning, accountability, good governance and leadership among the target beneficiaries and partners;
2). Strengthened capacity of volunteers, members, target groups and partners on gender equality, CEDAW and some domestic law related to women;
3). Strengthened institutional capacity of WRSA t reach mission.


Law teachers and students, target villagers and village committees.