NAME OF ORGANISATION:   Community Association For Mobilizing Knowledge In Development (CAMKID)

1). Mr. Xouyang SAEYANG (Program Coordinator), M: (+856)-(020) 5553 9184, E:
2). Mrs. Phonesay MANIVONGSAY (Program Manager), M: (+856)-(020) 2238 3392, E:

Addr.: Huayxaynoy Village, Huayxay District, P.O.BOX 412, Bokeo Province, Lao PDR.
M: (+856)-(020) 2238 3390 (Office), E:


The founding members of CAMKID had started theatre teams in March 2004, in cooperation with the Rural Development in Mountainous Areas Program (GoL/GTZ) or RDMA program and the Lao Youth Union, with the support of a theatre skills expert from the GTZ in term of amphetamines, reproductive health and promotion of women’s attendances in non-formal evening classes in village schools.
We took the name CAMID (Community Arts and Media In Development) team in 2005, and undertook an additional project focussed on local knowledge and its potential for income generation, with support from the Canada Fund in Phouviengsai Zone, Pha-oudom District. This was the beginning of the members formalising themselves as an independent organisation. In August 2006, they changed their name to reflect the new focus in their work on local knowledge to Community Association for Mobilising Knowledge in Development (CAMKID).
CAMKID then became a sub-association of the Rural Research Development Training Centre (RRDTC) or RRDPA in present time, in order to build their capacity. They signed a memorandum of agreement with RRDTC, on the 9November 2006. This agreement continues up until the present, during which time CAMKID has implemented projects with the support of the Schmitz Foundation and the German Development Service (2006 to 6/2008) and Oxfam Novib (7/2008 to 6/2012).
The Lao government has now passed of a new decree establishing non-profit associations, or NPA’s (No 115, dated 29th of April 2009). After running the necessary documents and holding its first AGM, CAMKID is approved as an independent association in Bokeo.

CAMKID is a nonprofit association, which promotes participatory knowledge for rural development located in the north of Laos. CAMKID will try to build its staff into a strong organization which imparts skills to communities with quality and reliability, thereby improving the livelihoods of all ethnic groups in a sustainable manner


“CAMKID is a non-profit association, with the role of building solidarity together between its members and the people, in order to ensure the distribution of rights and benefits equally. It will contribute to the building of national development and eradicate poverty, as well as expanding the social development of the various ethnic groups in Bokeo. We will work in co-operation with the Party organization and social organizations, international organizations, central government, stakeholders within the province and the Mass Organizations for the people of every ethnic group in order to attain the goals outlined in our strategic plans as follows:
1). Build the knowledge and ability of the Association staff and all ethnic groups within the target areas to be strong and sustainable.
2). Undertake quality research for community development in disadvantaged rural areas in order to improve food security, by providing training and other activities.
3). Build village female volunteer leaders who are chosen within the village so that they can propose and summarise the various problems of their women members and together solve the issues in a participatory manner”.

To improve the quality of life of ethnic village women and their families in Bokeo province.

There are 3 main projects:
1). Community Life Skills: Community Life School is well known as Farmer Field School. Community Life
     School includes: Gender Equality, Violence Against Women and Children, Women and Child right,
     Human Trafficking, Non Timber Forest Product Promotion and Forest Management and market Skills.
2). Improved income for family and group enterprises:
     Local knowledge promotions on handicraft and agricultural groups, Village Saving Fund, Non Timber
     Forest Products and family garden trading.
3). CAMKID and Counterparts Capacities Development: Project Cycle Management, Strategic plan
      drafting, Community Leadership for target group, Basic Computer for counterparts.


1). The capacity and confidence of women and their families in 22 target villages has increased
2). Improved income for sustainable family and group enterprises in four villages
3). CAMKID has developed into a strong organization, that is recognized by others for its contribution to
      the development ethnic groups in Laos


14 target villages in Pha-oudom District and 8 target villages in Huayxay District, Bokeo Province, Laos