NAME OF ORGANISATION:   Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APLHIV)  
  NAME OF HEAD:   Mr. Kinoy PHONGDETH(President)  

1). Mr. Kinoy PHONGDETH (President), M: (+856)-(020) 5446 5448, E:
2). Ms. Sida HUANGTHAVONG (Coordinator), M: (+856)-(020) 9814 2972, E:

Addr.: Room No.16-17, 34/377 Ban Naxay, Saphungmor road, Vientiane capital, Lao PDR
T/F: (+856)-(021) 454 445, W:


The Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APLHIV) was initiated by the Australian Red Cross (ARC) and the Lao Red Cross Societies (LRC) on 27th November 2003 (with AUSAID funding) following a meeting of the representatives from PLHIV groups from 5 Provinces. APLHIV was proposed as a way to further support PLHIV groups to improve the health of group members by sharing information and by contributing to local and national activities that assist in i) preventing further HIV infection, ii) stigma and discrimination and iii) supporting newly emerging treatment, care and support activities. APLHIV was established following the principles of Greater Involvement of PLWHA (GIPA) outlined by Joint United Nations Program me on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and endorsed during the UN General Assembly Special Meeting on HIV/AIDS. Now APLHIV activities covering to 14 HIV/AIDS self-help groups, 62 Districts in 12 Provinces where PLHIV exist.
In 2010 – early 2011, APLHIV has undergone a strategic planning process and as a result, the APLHIV Strategic Plan 2011-2015 was the achieved output and later endorsed by the members of APLHIV Steering Committee. It is unanimously agreed among PLHIV constituents that the focus of APLHIV shifts towards advocacy and networking as set forth in the APLHIV Strategic Plan 2011-2015. Recently the focus of APLHIV has been on the process of registering as one of Laos’ first Non-Profit Associations (NPA).
APLHIV strongly encourages the consideration of gender balance when the provincial representative and the alternate representative are elected.(One woman and one man).


People living with and affected by HIV in Lao PDR enjoy better quality of life, have equal opportunity as others in society, and be in an environment free of stigma and discrimination.


We at APLHIV are committed to creating a united and strong voice for PLHIV by strengthening their coordination and capacity, advocating for access to quality treatment and support, and creating an environment without stigma and discrimination, which enables meaningful participation for PLHIV in all aspects of the national response to HIV/AIDS

1). Address the issue on stigma and discrimination which continue to prevent people living with HIV from access to the care they need and influences the quality of the care they receive.
2). Address the issue on the methods and manner of treatment as it requires a range of services to fully implement a continuum of care and support in the reasonable ways
3). Address the issue on equality of access to ARV treatment and care to all levels of people living with HIV/AIDS.

1). Capacity building and network building for PLHIV
2). Advocacy for all level of stakeholders and Promote the right of PLHIV to enjoy their basic human rights
3). Monitoring and follow up with PLHIV


1). Capacity development for People living with and affected by HIV/AIDS such APLHIV steering committee and HIV/AIDS self-help group leaders
2). Advocacy and networking, since more partners have started to contribute to service provision activities for PLHIV
3). Monitoring and evaluation for follow up and collected data of /from people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS


Primary Beneficiaries indirect are PLHIV group leaders, and groups member in 12 Provinces14 HIV/AIDS self-help groups 790 PLHIV who are the HIV/AIDS self-help groups member included with women and children who living with and effected by HIV/AIDS  all of them are the beneficiaries of this project.